The heart of Winterslag

Noordlaan 42

3600 Genk

Other places are nice, but we always come home.

Every summer, when the days become longer and the temperature warmer, something happens in Winterslag. Families begin filling their cars and vans with presents for family and friends abroad. In the summer everyone seeks out their ‘second home’ somewhere else; sometimes far away in the homeland of their parents or grandparents, and sometimes just a simple vacation elsewhere, but for the rest of the year they are very comfortable at home in Winterslag.

As part of Keep Forget, this idea was translated into a large steel arrow which has landed in the ‘heart’ of Winterslag. The feathers or vanes at the end all point towards various locations with their distance given, not in distance if one was to draw a straight line, but how many kilometers it would take to get to the country’s border if taking the family car on holiday.