The punch of different seasons

Noordlaan 137

3600 Genk

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winterslag

The name Winterslag in Dutch can be broken down into Winter (the season) and Slag (battle or blow or knock). Because Winterslag, Belgium is a neighbourhood referred to locally as a ‘tuinwijk’ (or garden city) the visual impact of the seasons is palpable; nature is abundant. In Winterslag it is easy to see the seasons change. This play on words suggests that in every season, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, the neighbourhood is distinct. The people who live here are proud of its trees, houses, gardens, flowers, neighbourhoods, past history and future and want to celebrate this. This simple play on words and public–space installation supports this celebration.

As part of Keep Forget, this text was placed on a large lightbox and hung on the side of one of the community buildings which is located at a busy intersection one one of the border–thoroughfares into the neighbourhood. As well as the lightbox, the project provided every single household their own individual copy in sticker form.