Keep Forget is a research project that turned stories of people from Winterslag, Belgium into objects.

The project was carried out by designer, researcher and lecturer, Andrea Wilkinson from the LUCA School of in Genk, Belgium and Thomas Billen, graphic designer and web designer at Tomatski.


Keep Forget is a project realized by Andrea Wilkinson & Thomas Billen, with the support of Lien Daenen, Laura Braspenning, Katrien Dreessen, Selina Schepers, Niels Hendriks, Annelies Hermans, Inge Bijnens en Eddy Wintmolders. This project could not have been done without the contribution of Winterslag itself. Thanks to all the inhabitants of Winterslag who cooperated with us. With special thanks to Gepetto and De Andere Markt. Except where noted, all photos are by Giovanni Gorga.