I'm also like a canary

Groenstraat 7

3600 Genk

And now together we live above the ground

In the past canaries were taken into the mine with mineworkers, sensitive to gas leaks, if the canaries fell from their perches, mine workers knew that there was a dangerous gas leak and that they should get out. As coal mining was so important to the community in Winterslag in the past, the people of Winterslag are each a type of canary. They no longer have to work underground, but come to the service to make their future above ground. They’ve flown out of the mine to places all over Winterslag and the world. If you look carefully, you can find them.

As part of Keep Forget, nearly 150 canaries were made and gifted to various people in the community. The initial canaries were a gift in exchange for a suggestion for the address of someone who should receive a canarie. As a result, canaries are found all over Winterslag. An additional 50 were placed in one tree that has been designated the ‘canary’ tree. Nearly hidden from view in the summertime, autumn will reveal an entire tree full of canaries.